David Rosen: You are Fighting a Losing Battle

You know what David, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” Right now, you are in the pits of self-doubt and loathing, but, I just need you to remember : kind, smart, important. 

The battle between David and Olivia was the central theme of this episode i.e. White Hat’s Off. They coined that term last season but it means very different things for each. For David, everything is black and white; he lives by the letter of the law (or so they would like us to believe so far). For Olivia, wearing her White hat means the end justifies the means. She thrives in the grey area, both professionally and personally. If we have learned anything, it’s not only that Olivia lives in the grey area, but (especially in the last 45 seconds) that she is so far into the deep end, where the waters are murky and muddled.

My take on this is that David was reaching with this trail because he is pissed. Pissed that Olivia keeps playing him like a sucker, leaving him out of the loop, and is somehow linked to two murders (Amanda and Gideon). We all know Quinn is about as dumb as bricks and could not possibly make that bomb. Instead of him trying to give her the death penalty, he needs to be going after Cyrus and Billy. I mean he should have known better, the opposition to Olivia Pope is never victorious.